Virtual Office Services

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Virtual office services

There are plenty of benefits to setting up your International Business Corporation (or IBC) in Anguilla, not least of which a very good reason is to visit or set up residence on this beautiful Caribbean island. That’s not really why most individuals set up IBCs though. Many are looking to expand an existing operation to

How to Incorporate Your Business in Anguilla

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ACORN, an acronym for Anguilla's Commercial On-line Registration Network, is an online registry and the fastest way to incorporate any business in Anguilla.

The enactment of the International Business Companies Act in October 2000 has made the country of Anguilla an increasingly attractive location for incorporating a business. Registering an international business company in the region makes that entity exempt from taxes and the registration process can be completed in as little as 24 hours. Anguilla comes with

Forming a Private Foundation

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Why would a family or business want to participate in forming a private foundation? How would one go about setting it up? Here are a few things you need to know.

Foundations are generally non-profit organizations that are funded with the goal of philanthropy. There are just about as many foundations as there are causes that need funding. Foundations could offer scholarships to students that meet certain criteria or help to fund hospitals; they could provide aid to underprivileged groups or poverty-stricken regions. The goal could