ACORN, an acronym for Anguilla's Commercial On-line Registration Network, is an online registry and the fastest way to incorporate any business in Anguilla.

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The enactment of the International Business Companies Act in October 2000 has made the country of Anguilla an increasingly attractive location for incorporating a business. Registering an international business company in the region makes that entity exempt from taxes and the registration process can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

Anguilla comes with a range of other perks with respect to shareholder and director requirements, flexibility in capitalization and the sales of shares, and perhaps the most attractive component of all, the International Business Companies Act provides for the utmost privacy from auditors or liquidators unless mandated by a court of law. A company registered in Anguilla needs no more than one shareholder and one director, who can both be the same individual. In fact, the shareholder or director don’t even need to be a person, either – they can be another entity instead. The only real restrictions on these types of businesses are that they can’t conduct business or own real estate within Anguilla.


An acronym for Anguilla’s Commercial On-line Registration Network, this online registry is the fastest way to incorporate any business in Anguilla. Anguilla-based managers, trust companies, and agents manage the ACORN network, providing an electronic method for expediting the registration of just about any form of corporate entity. These newly registered businesses can include standard companies, international business companies, limited liability corporations, or limited partnerships.

Signing Up with ACORN

The official Anguilla registry allows for individuals to sign up as a Company Manager. They also accept registrations from approved agents located overseas. Incorporation is as simple as selecting the type of entity and entering all of the relevant information into the registry’s online application forms.

Once those are all completed and the fees are submitted, the registry will issue a certificate of incorporation that users can print out for proof. Once registered, users can also perform company name searches and view updated legislation that applies to incorporation requirements in the country. It even keeps a record of all business transacted in the system. ACORN is a complete and thorough database that can assist in business dealings even after incorporation is complete.

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