Hybrids and Non-Profits

Using ACORN, Anguilla Trust Company can help companies become incorporated quickly, usually within 24 hours. Anguilla Trust Company provides Offshore Banking and Wealth Management Services to a number of different clients, including Hybrid Companies and Non-Profit Associations.

Hybrid Company, a popular offshore company model, is a company that is restricted by shares and guarantee, and thus has two types of members – shareholders and guarantee members. In other words, a Hybrid Company is a combination of a regular corporation in a company limited by guarantee. Being less expensive and rigid than a foundation, a Hybrid Company can be structured so that economic interest is separate from control, which is why it is so popular a choice. Throughout the years, Anguilla Trust Company has worked with many Hybrid Companies.

Another popular offshore company model is that of the Non Profit Association, which can be created cheaply and with not a lot of hassle. Over the last few years, Non Profit Associations have been looking more to professional wealth managers for support and assurance, such as those at Anguilla Trust Company.

If you are interested in Hybrids or Non-Profits, please contact us today.