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There are plenty of benefits to setting up your International Business Corporation (or IBC) in Anguilla, not least of which a very good reason is to visit or set up residence on this beautiful Caribbean island. That’s not really why most individuals set up IBCs though. Many are looking to expand an existing operation to international shores, start up a new corporation in a welcoming community, and/or take advantage of favorable tax laws in other jurisdictions.

As such, your IBC must meet certain minimum standards to remain in operation, perhaps including maintaining some kind of permanent presence in the jurisdiction of incorporation. For example, you may be required to have a registered address and a registered agent in order to keep your IBC in good legal standing.

Unfortunately, just meeting the minimums can be somewhat limiting. Over time, you may find that you need additional services in order to properly manage and operate your IBC. This is where virtual office services come into play, and there are a few important services your business can take advantage of.

Call Service

You don’t have to be restricted to the 9-5 routine. A call service provides you with a dedicated, local business phone number that will be answered during regular business hours. Your calls can be tailored to how you want them to be answered using your company name and information. Allowing you the freedom to manage your business how you want to.

This service is not designed to handle business for you, but only to take messages and forward them electronically. You can add the number of your call service to your contact information on your website, letterhead, and business cards so you don’t have to give out your personal phone number.

Mail and Fax Forwarding Service

Although you will need a registered address to maintain your corporation and conduct business, you’ll find that your uses of this address are somewhat limited in terms of actual mail services. In addition to a service that forwards your calls, you may also want a service that forwards mail and faxes to your corporate headquarters, your permanent residence, or a P.O. box in your location of residence, just for example.

Document Mailing Service

As a corporate entity, it’s only natural that you would have correspondence you wish to send out from your offices in Anguilla. In this case, a document mailing (or re-mailing) service may be in order. With this service you simply provide the documents to be mailed (billing, commercial offers, and other company correspondence), along with a list of recipients, and your letters will be mailed on your behalf.

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