Uses of Offshore Companies: Property in Offshore Companies

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Uses of property via offshore companies

Owning an offshore company can offer many advantages. This applies to anyone looking to expand their business overseas, protect their assets, and benefit from favorable tax laws in another country with more accommodating jurisdictions. Before you create an offshore account, do some research. Speak to expert advisers in both jurisdictions. This will insure you understand

Inheritance Laws: Passing on to Children

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Inheritance Laws: Passing on to Children

There are many special circumstances that are in place when a person makes his or her will, especially when it comes down to what others may receive from them. One thing that should be kept in mind is Law of Inheritance, which typically describes the rights a person has when it comes to property of

Using Offshore Companies for Trusts

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There are many reasons why people would consider using an offshore company for trusts. Two of the biggest advantages are reduced tax and increased confidentiality. Offshore companies in general are flexible, so they can be integrated into many different business arrangements. There could be some taxes of course, but many find that they get a