Anguilla Fact Sheet

First Anguilla Trust Company has been proud to call Anguilla home since 1995 and we know from firsthand experience it is a wonderful place to do business. With zero taxes on personal income, corporate income, exchange, and tax treaties, a minimum of one director, a minimum of one shareholder, an English political system, and an official language of English, it makes sense that so many companies are choosing to conduct offshore banking in the Anguilla Business Jurisdiction.

If you are interested in making your company an ABC – Anguilla Business Company – the following basic facts can help you make an informed decision about our jurisdiction. After researching the Anguilla jurisdiction, we hope you will choose to join us. We forward to becoming your trusted partners in offshore banking and wealth management.

Please contact First Anguilla with any questions about the ways that doing business in the Anguilla jurisdiction can benefit you as an individual or your company as a whole.


General Overview

Location Eastern Caribbean
Time zone Atlantic (GMT-04.00)
Population 13,000
Capital The Valley
Airport(s) Wallblake
Language English
Currency EC$ (Eastern Caribbean Dollar)
Political system English Parliamentary
Int. tel. code 264
Int. postal code AI-2640
Legal system Based on English common law
Centre’s expertise Offshore Finance & Administration


Personal Income tax None
Corporate income tax None
Exchange restrictions None
Tax Treaties None

Share capital

Permitted Currencies Any approved currency
Minimum authorised capital 1 unit of approved currency
Minimum share issue One

Type of entity

Shelf companies Permitted
Timescale for new entities Same day
Incorporation fees US$250
Annual fees US$200


Minimum number One
Residency requirements None
Corporate directors Yes
Meetings/frequency As required


Disclosure No
Bearer shares Permitted
Minimum number One
Public share registry No
Meetings/frequency Shareholder Request


Annual return Yes
Audit requirements None


Registered office Yes
Domicile issues None
Company naming restrictions Royal names, etc.