Why You Should Choose an Anguilla Offshore Trust to Store Your Wealth

One of the most important parts of managing long-term wealth is diversification.

Putting all your money in a single basket is a major risk.

It’s always in your favor to spread your money among carefully chosen investments, in multiple legal jurisdictions, to protect against market or political changes.

Use this guide to learn why an Anguilla offshore trust is one of the best ways to protect your long-term financial future.

Stability and Ease of Access

It has excellent air access to both North America and Europe in case a personal visit is necessary. Also, it is accessible to St. Martin by a 20-minute ferry boat. The official language is English and the telecommunications systems are robust and well maintained.

One of the best features of Anguilla is its ACORN system. Anguilla’s Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN) allows anyone to instantly and electronically incorporate and register a number of legal entities. These include:

  •         Limited Liability Companies
  •         International Business Companies
  •         Anguillan Companies
  •         Partnerships
  •         Trusts

The system also provides guidance on potential legal issues an applicant is likely to face. Decisions are made instantly and a legal document of incorporation is digitally issued on the spot.

Benefits of Anguilla Offshore Trust

Anguilla is a beautiful island in the Caribbean that has a very well regulated banking system. There are numerous benefits to establishing a trust there.

No Tax Liability

Anguilla levies no taxes on capital gains, income, or inheritance. By placing your wealth in an Anguillan trust you allow it to grow unfettered by the high tax rates of your home country.

High Value Placed on Privacy and Security

Anguilla has some of the highest standards of banking privacy available. The Offshore Banking Act of 2005 prohibits bank agents from disclosing any information about a client without said clients express permission or by a Court Order requesting disclosure.

This prevents all manner of bad actors from learning private details of your financial situation. It can be especially useful when dealing with an acquisitive ex-spouse or a financial dispute.

This level of privacy makes it extremely difficult for someone attempting to confiscate your wealth. If a major political or economic change were to take place in your home country a portion of your wealth would be secure in Anguilla.

Excellent Liquidity

The government of Anguilla makes it very easy for persons to do business in their jurisdiction. They don’t employ any exchange controls and allow easy access to funds by account holders.

This can be extremely important in emergency situations that require fast actions.

Protect Your Future

Building wealth takes hard work, initiative, and intense dedication. It’s important that you apply that same level of interest to protecting and growing it. Creating an Anguilla offshore trust can be one of the best ways around to secure your financial future.

If you would like to learn more about establishing a trust or other financial relationship in Anguilla, contact us here.

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