8 Legal Tax Benefits of Owning an Offshore Business

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Legal tax benefits of owning an offshore business

Establishing an offshore business or simply relocating it as a foreign company overseas provides leeway for brand internationalization and market expansion. In spite of the myths conceived to illegitimatize the notion of restructuring corporate objectives overseas, global-oriented investors reap plethora benefits such as asset shielding against expropriation and reduced tax payments. Courts and commentators have

Why You Should Invest in Anguilla Off-Shore Businesses

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The northernmost Leeward Island, Anguilla, is a patch of 35 miles in the Caribbean. Commonly called “Tranquility Wrapped in Blue,” Anguilla is an exclusive island and vacation destination; however it presents many investment and asset management opportunities as well.   The law is common jurisdiction, supplemented by a House of Assembly from the British Government.