Uses of Offshore Companies: Property in Offshore Companies

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Uses of property via offshore companies

Owning an offshore company can offer many advantages. This applies to anyone looking to expand their business overseas, protect their assets, and benefit from favorable tax laws in another country with more accommodating jurisdictions. Before you create an offshore account, do some research. Speak to expert advisers in both jurisdictions. This will insure you understand

Forming a Private Foundation

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Why would a family or business want to participate in forming a private foundation? How would one go about setting it up? Here are a few things you need to know.

Foundations are generally non-profit organizations that are funded with the goal of philanthropy. There are just about as many foundations as there are causes that need funding. Foundations could offer scholarships to students that meet certain criteria or help to fund hospitals; they could provide aid to underprivileged groups or poverty-stricken regions. The goal could

All about Fund Administration

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        Is your company interested in learning more about fund administration and what is involved in managing it?  You have found the right place to start.  At First Anguilla Trust we are pleased to offer fund administration as a service to our clients. Fund administration generally covers a few areas of interest