8 Legal Tax Benefits of Owning an Offshore Business

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Legal tax benefits of owning an offshore business

Establishing an offshore business or simply relocating it as a foreign company overseas provides leeway for brand internationalization and market expansion. In spite of the myths conceived to illegitimatize the notion of restructuring corporate objectives overseas, global-oriented investors reap plethora benefits such as asset shielding against expropriation and reduced tax payments. Courts and commentators have

Uses of Offshore Companies: Property in Offshore Companies

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Uses of property via offshore companies

Owning an offshore company can offer many advantages. This applies to anyone looking to expand their business overseas, protect their assets, and benefit from favorable tax laws in another country with more accommodating jurisdictions. Before you create an offshore account, do some research. Speak to expert advisers in both jurisdictions. This will insure you understand

Anguilla’s ACORN System

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Anguilla's ACORN system

Many people are considering starting a business overseas or expanding their domestic operations to international shores. If this is the case, there are several reasons to consider incorporating in Anguilla. In addition to offering temperate climes and a beautiful, tropical setting, this Caribbean island offers favorable tax incentives for businesses that incorporate there. However, perhaps