Captive Insurance Explained

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Explaining captive insurance

Most people are content to use traditional insurance policies provided by old-fashioned insurers. If not, then at least they resign to the fact that there is no other option. However, there are other choices for insurance that may appeal to certain people seeking insurance policies that better suit their needs, or offer additional value. Captive

Uses of Offshore Companies: Property in Offshore Companies

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Uses of property via offshore companies

Owning an offshore company can offer many advantages. This applies to anyone looking to expand their business overseas, protect their assets, and benefit from favorable tax laws in another country with more accommodating jurisdictions. Before you create an offshore account, do some research. Speak to expert advisers in both jurisdictions. This will insure you understand

Virtual Office Services

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Virtual office services

There are plenty of benefits to setting up your International Business Corporation (or IBC) in Anguilla, not least of which a very good reason is to visit or set up residence on this beautiful Caribbean island. That’s not really why most individuals set up IBCs though. Many are looking to expand an existing operation to