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Nearly everyone has heard about the possible benefits of an offshore trust. But for many investors and possible clients, the confusion about how and why to use one inhibits them from getting started.

They see these types of trusts as exotic or unique. In truth, using an offshore trust for your financial goals has many benefits and is incredibly stable. 

You can benefit from starting a trust in Anguilla especially. We will tell you exactly what you need to know.

Let’s start:

What Exactly Is An Offshore Trust?

An offshore trust is simply a trust that is set up outside the domicile from where the settlor is located.

That said, there are a number of benefits of setting up this type of trust, depending on where you or your client’s domicile.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of benefits to developing a trust that is offshore, as well as with offshore banking in general.

The benefits of trusts include:

  • Discretion: This also includes protection from probate law. When the settlor passes on there is no publicity.
  • Tax Benefits: There are tax benefits of all trusts, especially so with offshore types.
  • Estate Planning: Protect the longevity of your investments down the road.
  • Ease of Wealth Management
  • Ease of Investments: Some investments are easier to have access to through this type of trust. 

Why Anguilla For My Trust?

Anguilla is an ideal setting for wealth management through a trust. The government is stable and it is a British overseas territory, so it is well governed and secure.

You won’t have to worry about political upheaval and turmoil in Anguilla. Your money and security are safe. 

Also, as many have seen the recent bad publicity of trusts in Panama, there is a level of discretion that is secure in Anguilla that isn’t found everywhere in the world.

The Panama Papers leak released the information of more than 200,000 offshore accounts. You need a higher level of discretion that you can find in Anguilla.

How Do I Start?

Setting up an offshore trust is an easier process than many realize. First, you will want to have legal advice.

Many leading financial services companies can even direct you toward legal representation that is skilled in both your jurisdiction as well as in Anguilla.

Beyond finding the right legal representation you will want to find the right financial services company as well.

It’s not difficult if you know where to look.

Financial Services You Can Trust

Once you realize how easy and beneficial it can be to start an offshore trust you may wonder which provider to use. We can help.

First Anguilla Trust Company Limited provides Offshore Banking and Wealth Management Services to a global client base of high net worth individuals, corporate entities, and intermediaries.

We will set up an offshore trust for you.

The Most Sophisticated Wealth Management Services

Not only do we offer the best wealth management. We also offer something that’s invaluable: trust and reliability.

Don’t wait to receive the benefits of an offshore trust.

Contact First Anguilla Trust Company now and get the expert help you need to set up a trust starting today.

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