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Permanent Residency in Anguilla

Anguilla is found in the overseas territory of the British in the Eastern Caribbean, and it constitutes an island and other various offshore islets. It has prehistoric places as well as wildlife conservancy sites. These features make it an exceptional place to live peacefully with your loved ones. The Anguillans are known as the kindest people on the island, and it’s among the most relaxed islands you can visit. Most people indeed visit the area and reside in resorts for a few days, but there’s a program you can join to ensure you own a permanent residence in Anguilla. Discussed below are ways to hold an Anguilla residence through an investment program.

Investing in Real Estate

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Anguilla residency was launched in 2019, and the size of all assets was 11.3 trillion. The target audience of the program was investors seeking tax-efficient homes. Unlike other residency programs, Anguilla permanent residency is not determined by your citizenship or passport program. As long as the applicants qualify through contributing to a real estate investment, they are eligible for permanent residence. The approximate minimum investment required is $750000, which can be made via global banking services for up to four family members per residence. And if there’s an additional family member, they can invest an extra $100000. Also, different application fees would apply. The eligible permanent residences can include apartments, homes, condos, and villas.

Capital Development Fund

This type of fund is set aside as a special fund by the government of Anguilla. The main aim of the development fund is to develop and diversify the country’s economy by investing in essential projects on the island. For every applicant, the approximate minimum investment should be $150000 made through global banking services, and if they have a spouse or other members, they can add an extra $50000. Application and processing fees are also included.

Citizenship by Investment

As mentioned earlier, Anguilla is in the British overseas. After residing in the region for five years, you can apply for citizenship for you to be fully recognized as a British citizen. This program differs from others because it doesn’t involve citizenship by investment.

Tax Residency

High-value resident program in Anguilla is mainly beneficial to successful investors who live international lives. The applicants to the HVR program can attain tax residency by paying $75000 annually through global banking services and committing for five years minimum. The applicants must have a property of $400000 value through the minimum time. Anguilla doesn’t have a direct taxation rule if you lack income tax and other taxes.

The population of Anguilla is low. Thus, this permanent residency program offers everyone a chance to be a member living on the British Caribbean Island. To qualify as a resident member, you must adhere to the above-mentioned aspects, and neither should you have a lousy conduct record worldwide. For more information on our global banking services, give us a call today.

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