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The Caribbean is mostly known as a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches. But it’s also a paradise for people looking to save money.

Sure, you can still look up the Caribbean’s best beaches for a vacation. But it might be worth your while to research Caribbean trading companies instead.

These trading companies are more popular than ever for foreign investors. Individuals, businesses, and corporations are all turning towards these companies to reap rewards.

Offshore trading might seem complex, but the benefits are easy to understand.

Here are a few specifics on why you should consider using a Caribbean trading company.

The Caribbean Trade Regulations

Policy played a huge role in the revitalization of Caribbean trading.

Over the last few decades, several key policies have made the Caribbean an advantageous trade destination.

The most important policy was the Caribbean Trade Partnership Act, which lowered trade regulations between Caribbean countries in the U.S.

From there, offshore trade in the Caribbean took off in a big way. That’s because many have enjoyed the benefits of a freer exchange of goods and money.

While international regulations tighten abroad, investors can still enjoy the freedom allowed to them in the Caribbean.

Safety First

It makes sense if you want to keep your money close to home.

But first, consider how safe home actually is.

Many people choose Caribbean companies because they are run more conservatively than other Western banks.

In fact, not even one of the top 50 safest banks in the world is located in the U.S.

Western interest rates are often at odds with real inflation. In comparison, Caribbean banks’ high interest rates can help you skyrocket your savings.

The banks are safe, reliable, and most importantly, save you money.


Nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes. Unless you’re in the Caribbean.

Take the territory of Anguilla for example. Anguilla is a Zero Tax Jurisdiction and one of the best places to set up Caribbean trading.

That means there is no direct taxation on private individuals or corporate entities. These investors don’t have to deal with capital gains, estate, or income tax even if they aren’t a resident of the territory.

Many other Caribbean areas are structured with similar tax laws. These areas each have their own advantages in relation to taxes.

In short, Caribbean trading companies can help high-income individuals, financial service individuals, and corporations deal with less tax burdens.

Getting Started

Lowered barriers can make setting up offshore trading opportunities simple.

Consider Anguilla once more. It has no foreign exchange controls and it also allows business accounts to operate using the U.S. dollar.

As a result, companies can be incorporated in as little as one hour. It’s especially easy considering shareholders and investors don’t even need to be physically on the island.

Banks are becoming more difficult to deal with on an international level.

However, the Caribbean is one of the few places where this isn’t true.

You can diversify your portfolio, avoid large taxes, and benefit from safe banking with their trade companies.

Are you interested in learning more or getting started? Contact us today!

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