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The Benefits of Offshore Financial Services in Anguilla

As the old saying goes, nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.

With average tax rates amongst the developed G7 nations sitting at 28.8%, you’re probably thinking you pay far too much in tax already.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Anguilla is the ideal home for both individuals and businesses looking to set up a home away from the laborious tax systems of their countries of residence.

Keep reading to find out why you should consider making use of offshore financial services on this beautiful British overseas territory in the Caribbean.

A Familiar Common Law Legal System

If you already live or work in countries that use common law, you’ll find yourself at home in Anguilla.

It’s based on English law, which is no surprise given that Anguilla is a British Overseas territory. Given that English law dates back to 1066, you can be certain that Anguilla’s legal system is tried, tested and fair to work with.

Common law is shared by countries that make up a third of the world’s population, so you’re unlikely to find things too unfamiliar if you use Anguilla’s offshore financial services.

No Corporate Tax

You’re probably used to paying taxes, on your income, on your profits, on pretty much everything.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or business. But one of the biggest benefits of using services in Anguilla is that its taxation system is fairly simple. If you base your wealth or business in Anguilla, there is no corporate taxation on earning of business or individual. This has made Anguilla a popular destination for businesses.

Businesses still have to abide by the laws in their home country in order to legally operate in Anguilla. This means things like worldwide income are still taxable. However the time and money spent navigating tax requirements is significantly reduced. Speak to your local tax advisor to explore all your advantages.

Confidentiality for Businesses or Individuals

Do you, or your company, require discretion?

Offshore financial services in Anguilla are designed to be confidential. Whatever your business or personal interests are, the Anguillan financial system is likely to be able to help.

Under the laws of Anguilla it is forbidden by law to share confidential business information without your consent or/and of a regulatory body. This means you can be certain that your financial affairs will remain your business.

Stable Political System, Backed by the British

As a British overseas territory, Anguilla is a self-governing democracy but has the backing of the United Kingdom when it comes to defense.

Worried? Don’t be.

The affairs of Anguilla are run by Anguillans, but it does mean that in a clinch, the British will protect the island and by extension, your assets.

If you’re looking for a base that’s safe and secure, Anguilla has the political and financial systems in place to give you what you need.

Consider Offshore Financial Services in Anguilla

With a stable political climate, common legal system, no corporate taxation, and strong confidentiality to be found in Anguilla, it makes sense to consider it as a place to base your private or business wealth.

Offshore financial services in Anguilla mean you no longer have to deal with the excessive taxation of your assets, while still retaining the benefit of stable regulation and governance.

If you want to know more about the services we offer to individuals and businesses alike, contact us today.

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