7 Reasons Anguilla is Your Best Choice for a Zero Tax Jurisdiction

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Have you ever thought of setting up an international corporation to reduce your taxes? It wasn’t too long ago that such an idea would have seemed like the plot of a gangster movie about the cartel hiding their drug money. Much has changed, though. There are many places to legally set up your corporation to take advantages of a tax reductions.

There are many things to consider when choosing where to set up your international corporation, and no one place that is best for every single person. However, after considering all the options out there, I want to cover the seven reasons Anguilla is your best choice for a zero tax jurisdiction.

1. Easy and Cheap to Set Up

Your first question is probably about how much and how difficult it is to get an International company set up. You are probably wondering if it’s even worth the effort.

Well, if you want to set up a legal business you can use an Anguilla company for tax purposes, and it’s actually a pretty painless process, thanks to the fewer bureaucratic procedures involved. You can file quickly, and the cost of setting up your company will only cost you around $1000. This, of course, depends on what service you use, and what type of corporation you set up. Besides ease and cost, another benefit is you can incorporate with only one member, one director, or one shareholder.

2. A Variety of Company Structures

You are going to have specific business needs, or maybe you just need to move some of your wealth overseas and don’t plan on doing a lot of day to day business. You will be relieved to know that Anguilla has flexible options when setting up your business structure. You can customize your organization based on your needs, due to having a flexible corporate management structure. Run your corporation the way that serves you best.

3. Regulated by an English Common Law System

Conduct your business free from excessive administrative paperwork and overly complicated financial and auditing practices.

4. Confidentiality

Anguilla is already an outstanding offshore environment. On top of all the other benefits, offshore regulations provide clients with nominee services together with no financial auditing or reporting necessary, adding another layer of confidentiality and privacy.

5. A Tropical Paradise Destination

Anguilla is the best of a laidback Caribbean paradise. Imagine amazing beaches, luxurious accommodations, and truly warm and accepting people. Anguilla is easily accessible from St. Maarten by a ferry ride of 20 mins.

The vibe is carefree and peaceful. The beaches water is sparkling, and the sand white. Due to being such a popular tourist destination, you have access to the best hotels, resorts, food, and entertainment, making your business trips more relaxing than a vacation.

6. No Local Requirements

Enjoy the freedom to run your business the way you want. You won’t be heavily restricted by regulations on director, or shareholder meetings.

According to Section 47(1) of the Anguilla International Business Companies Ordinance of 1994 47(1) Subject to the articles or by-laws, the directors of an international business company may meet at such times and in such manner and places within or outside Anguilla as the directors may determine to be necessary or desirable.

This allows you, your directors, and any shareholders a huge amount of freedom in conducting your business.

7. Free of Taxation

I have saved the best reason for last. Do you hate giving so much of your yearly profits right back to the government? Anguilla IBC’s, LLCs and individuals are exempt from taxes. Yes, you read that right. You won’t pay corporate tax, no inheritance tax, don’t pay taxes on gifts, or capital gains, and enjoy not paying estate taxes. This list isn’t even the full list of taxes you don’t have to worry about paying.

After reading these 7 Reasons Anguilla is Your Best Choice, you should have an idea of the advantages of setting up an international corporation. When you begin seriously looking into setting up your own international company, remember this list, and put Anguilla at the top of your list of possible locations.

As mentioned in the opening no one place can be perfect for everyone, but I believe Anguilla is pretty close.

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